UserBase Rebooted

UserBase is a wiki about all things KDE with a goal of presenting our users with helpful and up-to-date information. Sadly, we are some way from achieving this: While KDE developers are moving swiftly forwards producing amazing software our efforts to document this have been stalling.

At the recent Akademy, a week long gathering of KDE community members, we decided to do something about it. It is a big task, however, and we need your help! The team is small, but we hope it will grow and become a vibrant and friendly community.

Join the UserBase Team

If you want to join the effort to get UserBase in shape again, please get in touch. An easy way is to go to the talk page of the team page and introduce yourself. The Wiki Team Page itself is where we plan the task ahead. Currently the plan is very sketchy – feel free to add your ideas.

You can also ping me on IRC (claus_chr in #kde-wiki on Libera Chat) or on Matrix (claus_chr in, or leave a comment on my UserBase page. Or you can just dive right in: find a page that needs some love and start improving it.

How You Get an Account on UserBase

To edit pages on UserBase you need to make a KDE Identity account. (If you already have an KDE Identity account for some other purpose you don’t need a new account; just reuse the existing one.) Now you can log in to UserBase and start editing.

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