Your language needs you!

In my previous blog about UserBase I showed you examples of translated pages, but just to refresh your memory here is a screenshot of yet another translated UserBase page:

The chinese translation of the Kig page on UserBase

This is part of the page for the geometry application Kig. As you can see, UserBase handles all sorts of languages. Currently we have 42 languages represented although many of them have only a small fraction of our content translated. This graphic shows the best supported languages:

The best supported languages on UserBase. Size indicates number of translated pages.

As you can see, our translation effort is doing quite well, but there is certainly room for improvement. So if you want your language to have a more prominent position in the list or just want to help out then get in touch, get an account and get translating!

Translators of UserBase, Unite!

This brings me to my (no longer) hidden agenda: Language teams. We are always trying to find ways to make working on UserBase as pleasant and productive as possible. To this end we would very much like translators to organize in teams. This involves finding one translator for each language to act as team coordinator.

The main task of the team coordinator is to be a point of contact. Through the teams we hope to involve translators more in the development of UserBase. We have great plans for the future, but to make them come true we need input from translators.

The team could also maintain a page with language specific tools and guidelines to make the translation work easier and to improve the overall quality of translations. And most important of all, having a team can ease the way into UserBase for new translators.

So where do I sign up?

To edit UserBase you need to be logged in. You can use your KDE Identity or any OpenID account, for example a  Google account. You can also get a UserBase account, if you prefer. To translate you need further rights, so after logging in go to this page and add your name. Giving you translator rights requires manual intervention from an administrator, so be patient. Ordinarily you don’t have to wait long, though.

If you have a translators account and want to help create a language team for your language, just add a comment on your personal page on UserBase, or leave a comment to this blog or visit us on IRC.

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6 Responses to Your language needs you!

  1. Kevin says:

    is there a way to get a list of pages in need of translation for a given language?
    E.g. if I were to look for a page that needs to be translated into German, is there an easy way to find them?

  2. dimkard says:

    I’ d like to contribute but the login page ( does not use https….

    • clauschr says:

      Thanks for pointing this out. I took the issue up with our sysadmins, and they say I should be simple enough to change to https, so stay tuned!

      Update. Https is now enabled on UserBase. We still need to figure out how to change the links on the front page. In the meantime, you can use the login link and then edit the URL in your browser, simply changing http: to https:

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