The UserBase Experience

This is the first in what is going to be a series of blogs about UserBase and what it can be to your favourite project. UserBase is a community wiki aiming to provide useful information to users of KDE software. We have pages about individual applications, introductions to various aspects of the desktop, guides to solving tricky hardware problems, and even entire handbooks. And all this content is being translated into many languages.

The first showcase: digiKam

A picture speaks louder that a thousand words, they say. The author of the digiKam page has taken those words to heart, and presents the application in a thematically ordered series of screenshots.

Part of digiKams UserBase page. The Brazilian translation is shown.

Sometimes, however, words are needed to explain things in detail. Fortunately a number of bloggers have provided a wealth of information and allowed us to add all this content to UserBase. As a consequence these excellent texts are now being translated into many languages.

Part of a tutorial (from Mohamed Maliks blog). The Ukrainian translation is shown.

The take home lesson is, you don’t have to write a lot of new material in order to show your users some love. Just point us to relevant material, and we will add it to UserBase, format it appropriately, perhaps add a screenshot, and mark it up for translation. Then wait, and before you know it translations will begin to appear.

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